Job Listings

Position:  Principal/Teacher Grades 1-8


Description: Seeking a teaching principal for the Berkshire Hills Christian School. The ideal candidate should have caring Christian values incorporated with passion for teaching in a multi-grade classroom. Berkshire Hills Christian School is a one teacher school located in the scenic hills of Lanesborough, Western Massachusetts.

Experience: The candidate must be a committed Seventh-day Adventist and dedicated to the mission of Adventist Education. Current denominational certification is preferred. Please send your resume with a cover letter and contact information for references to Beverley Bucknor, Superintendent of Schools.


Position: Religion Teacher/Chaplain


Description:  South Lancaster Academy is a P-12 day Academy that has been around since 1882. Ellen White preached from a pulpit just down the street from us and speaks to our deep rooted history and connection with Adventist heritage. We are located in quaint New England (45 minutes west of Boston) where the fall season is unprecedented, the birth of our nation began; as well as where the best school in the nation exists (in our opinion!).

Our Religion Teacher & Chaplain plays an integral part in helping our students find and follow Jesus. Relationship is key to our spiritual growth and that is what we want for our students. Our Religion Teacher/Chaplain works closely with administration in coordinating and implementing our campus ministries. We work diligently in helping our students own their faith and expect this from all our faculty and staff. The position also requires the teaching of all Religion classes. Candidates must be committed Seventh-day Adventists with a dedication to the school’s mission of teaching the whole child; spiritual, academic, social, and emotional. If this is you, we'd love to chat with you!

Experience: The ideal candidate will have: A college degree in Religious Studies, NAD Certification, a strong track record of working with young people in the classroom and ministerial settings. Additional subject endorsements, especially in counseling or technology will receive strong consideration

David Branum
PO Box 1129 198 George Hill Rd South Lancaster, MA 01561
978-368-8544 x110


Position: 7 Grade Teacher

Description: South Lancaster Academy is located near Boston MA in quaint New England. From our school you can see the pulpit where Ellen White preached and the place where "the shot heard round the world" took place. We are searching for an amazing middle school teacher who knows how to teach 7th graders. The job also includes inter-disciplinary teaching with the 8th grade teacher.

Experience: Qualifications include Teaching degree (Denominational certification for middle school).  Candidate should possess a passionate desire to work with middle school students. A personality the exudes Christianity and is infectious to our students. If you fit these qualifications then you should apply for an opportunity to work at the best school in New England!


Position: Treasurer/Business Manager

South Lancaster Academy is located near Boston MA in quaint New England. From our school you can see the pulpit where Ellen White preached and the place where "the shot heard round the world" took place.

Experience: We are seeking an individual who can manage the day-to-day financial operations of a school with a student enrollment of 265 and a staff of 32. The Principal, Vice-principal, and Treasurer work as an administrative team leading and visioning for the school.

The right individual will possess the following qualifications:

1.         Know fund accounting, therefore have experience with fund accounting.

2.         Must be comfortable in a school setting, primarily comfortable around students.

3.         An accountant who is comfortable around people and refuses to stay in their office all day.

4.         A degree in accounting.

5.         Is willing to actively participate in extra-curricular activities.

6.         Must be a collection specialist and is able to maintain current receivables without upsetting our customers.

7.         Have a high attention for detail.

8.         Be a negotiator.

9.         Be a problem solver.

Above all, a strong Christian with high ethical standards and morals that will contribute to the team and family philosophy that is very prevalent on a small school campus.