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Exists to empower churches within our conference as they connect with and meet the needs of their various communities.  By facilitating opportunities for ministry, training, direction, man power, resources, and more; our Adventist Community Services encourages collaboration between community and local churches across our tristate area.  Whether you are in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, feel free to reach out to our coordinator or connect with one of our Community Services Centers below:

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Texas Relief 2021 | "A Special THANK YOU to SNEC Community Services & New England SDA Donors from Texas!"


New SNEC Disaster Relief Mobile Unit


Even in the midst of a pandemic, natural disasters still strike; and when they do, Adventist Community Services is consistently committed to helping. So we're so excited to share our new mobile unit vehicle as part of Southern New England's Disaster Relief branch. We extend our thanks to those who contributed both in funds and time to make this vehicle and its free services available to our local and extended communities. May God bless it and your giving as we minister to countless families and individuals in need of it! 





Are you interested in knowing how you can help contribute to the Adventist Community Services ministry and do your part in becoming an ACS Superhero for those impacted by environmental disasters? Give your contribution through our giving portal and include your donation amount on the "Community Services" line...We Thank You!  

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Ebenezer School | Dominican Republic Hurricane Relief Drive

Call: (978) 365-4551 or give online through Southern New England Conference:

(Select Community Services [ACS] Hurricane Relief”)



Conectate con Ebenezer

Call: (978) 365-4551 or give online through Southern New England Conference:

(Select Community Services [ACS] Hurricane Relief”)

“I say unto you, Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.” Matt.25:40

Over 5,000 Masks Delivered to Worcester County Communities 

Published Wednesday, 27 May 2020 4:50am


In the wake of the national and now global Corona virus pandemic, many of our church members and community friends are feeling its challenging affects.  Quarantine mandates and social distancing advisories have not only ushered in unfamiliar ways of interacting with one-another, but also has introduced for many the challenge of obtaining necessary supplies to both remain healthy while caring for those falling ill. 

The Bread of Life Ministry at The Village Seventh-day Adventist Church (part of the Southern New England Conference), heard the call and choose to respond.  Sandra Mendez, Director of the Bread of Life Food Ministry received the first call for help from a friend working in Worcester county’s UMass Memorial Medical Center, Hahnemann Campus. She was told that they lacked sufficient face masks for their extended support staff.  While doctors and most of their nurses had supplies, many of the hospitals’ support staff, like the cleaning and food workers, faced working conditions without adequate supplies.  Sandra felt the need to help and jumped into action sharing that, “I only had one sewing machine and some thread. I didn’t even have fabric, so I just grabbed some of my bed sheets. I made sure I sanitized them well and then began sewing masks.”  

Promptly recognizing that this would require more help, Sandra called fellow women in her church to help sew.  They also placed an ad in their local Brazilian newspaper which garnered an overwhelming amount of donations from the community, allowing them to soon collect enough supplies like fabric and elastics to continue to meet the growing need—and “grow” it did! 

After the Hahnemann Hospital delivery of 300 masks, the word got out and orders for more masks began to flood in.  Saint Vincent Hospital requested 210 masks, and 1,897 more went to the Family Health center; totaling 2,407 masks delivered in the month of April alone.   

However, with the support of Southern New England Conference’s Community Service Department led by Director Frankie Vasquez, the Bread of Life Ministry wasn’t done yet. On Friday, May 15th Sandra and her team extended their positive impact further than they initially thought possible, delivering 2,375 masks to the Family Health Center in Worcester, followed by 264 for Remix Community Church and 213 more for Capellan to be distributed in various prisons. This initiative, now dubbed the "Saving Lives" mission, estimates that they’ve delivered over 5,260 masks. 

Many of these masks have already been distributed to healthcare staff, volunteers, patients and other facilities like shelters and nursing homes. Yet, despite this amazing amount of work the Bread of Life ministry has accomplished, they still recognize that there are countless others still in need of more assistance for food, supplies, and yes, masks.  “When this situation gets better or done, the things that will be remembered and printed in other’s lives will be our kindness and compassion toward each other,” stated Sandra.  

The Bread of Life Ministry would like to thank all the donors for their generosity, along with the sewing teams and volunteers that worked so hard to accomplish this mission.  Hundreds of healthcare workers and patients that are recovering from COVID 19 will be relieved and feeling safer through your compassionate actions. “We are so thankful to God for blessing each of us with the capacity to spread His love with so many others in this way through this difficult time,” says Sandra. In the words of our Lord and Savior, “Go and do likewise, Luke 10:37."

If you would like to donate to support the Bread of Life Food Pantry and Saving Lives mission in their ongoing efforts, please contact Frankie Vasquez via email at:


Article by: Chenoa J. Vilfranc 
Supported by: BREAD OF LIFE MINISTRY (6 years Creating A Better Community)  
Seventh Day Adventist Village Church of the Southern New England Conference  
75 Sawyer St - Lancaster, Ma 



“It is well with the man who is gracious and lends; He conducts his affairs with justice. He will never be shaken; The righteous will be remembered forever. He will not fear bad news; His heart is steadfast, trusting [confidently relying on and believing] in the LORD.” 

Psalms 112:5-7 





God's Grocery Store still safely providing food during pandemic

Published: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 10:38 via The Bristol Press

Bags of food at God's Grocery Store
-God's Grocery Store

Bags of food at God's Grocery Store -God's Grocery Store


PLAINVILLE – God’s Grocery Store has continued to safely provide food each Wednesday to Plainville, Bristol and surrounding communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Wednesday, God’s Grocery Store remains open at 7th Day Adventist Church at 97 Broad Street between the hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a drive-thru distribution. People can drive up to register and then pop their trunks. Volunteers will then put at least three bags of food in the car for them.

“The bags will contain peanut butter, tuna fish, spaghetti, cheese and possibly meat if they get it delivered from Food Share,” said Laurie Tompkins, who runs the volunteer service. “As available we additionally give half-gallons of milk, 5 pound potato bags and 3 pounds of onions. We have been serving on an average 350 to 400 cars per week; but recently, that number has consistently increased by 40 or more each week.”

Tompkins said she is grateful that God has given them the opportunity to continue His work during the pandemic, providing food in a manner that is safe to clients and volunteers. She also thanked Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Bagels Plus, Aldi’s and Amazon for providing them with several deliveries of food donations.

“We have found it challenging to fill at the least 900 bags every Tuesday using only 5 volunteers and social distancing, but we are up to the task and always manage to get the job done,” said Tompkins. “We are currently working with Foodshare, FEMA and other local entities to provide us with the amount of food necessary to provide for the community.”

Tompkins said she is thankful to town officials for supporting this effort.

“We want to thank Plainville’s Town Manager, Robert Lee, as well as the Town of Plainville’s municipal workers and the Police Department for their assistance each week setting up an entrance on Broad Street and exit on Canal Street,” she said. “The weekly wear and tear of 400 cars passing through our property has caused enough surface deterioration to require putting in a paved driveway. The town approved D’Amico for our repaving project and last week, the driveway was excavated, and a solid base was installed. We want to thank them for doing an exceptional job.”

While the volunteer effort has been able to provide for many people, Tompkins said that it has caused significant financial strain to the small congregation. She said that Seventh Day Adventist Church will gladly accept any financial donations to support continued food distribution efforts.

Brian M. Johnson can be reached at 860-973-1806 or





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Frankie Vazquez,

SNEC Community Services Director

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Frainkie Talks Community Services

16 Jan 2016 --- A little instruction given on Community Services at the Youth Leadership Training Weekend. Given by Frankie Vazquez-Nenadich.

Posted by Southern New England Conference President on Sunday, January 17, 2016