Adventist Screening Verification

Adventist Screening Verification

Child Protection Training and Screening - Online Program


The work of volunteers is essential to the successful accomplishment of the Church’s mission and ministry. The management policies and procedures employed to supervise the work of volunteers must be consistent with the mission of the church or school and must support its successful achievement (NAD FB-20).
SNEC requires that all local volunteers and church officers must be trained and screened using the program Adventist Screening Verification (ASV).  ASV (through Sterling Volunteer) is the NAD's provider of online training and screening for all staff and volunteers.


Adventist Screening Verification is the same program as Verified Volunteer.

Upon registering with Adventist Screening Verification, there will be an online course lasting 40-60 minutes. This can be done all at once or you may save at any time and continue later. At the end of the course you will be allowed to enter your personal information and complete the screening portion. The website to Adventist Screening Verification is:

The training and background screening will be valid for three years from the date both are completed. Please be sure to register for all the roles you support in your church, as it will determine which screening is assigned to you.

Churches can lead in a group training for their volunteers. Please contact April Montoya-González, the Child Protection Coordinator for SNEC, for more information on this or for any other questions regarding this program.

Questions while using the Adventist Screening Verification site:

The ASV customer service may be reached by emailing or by calling 1-855-326-1860 (toll free). Customer Service hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM(EST), Monday – Friday